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An Environmentalist’s Case For Nuclear Energy

If you believe that climate change is the most significant challenge confronting the world today, then you should also conclude that nuclear energy must remain part of our energy supply.

PSEG CEO: Salem, Hope Creek nukes will close absent subsidies

Two nuclear plants owned by Public Service Enterprise Group will not be profitable within two years and will have to shut down if they do not receive financial support, the company's CEO said Monday.

Sweeney: Preserving nuclear plants is critical for N.J.

America's nuclear industry is struggling. Around the country, depressed wholesale electricity prices are driving productive nuclear power plants out of business. New Jersey's Salem and Hope Creek nuclear plants could be next...


Pandora’s Promise

What would happen if you discovered that everything you knew about nuclear energy was wrong?

Nuclear plants mean more to New Jersey than just energy,

they are a partner in the local community.

This is what closing a nuclear plant looks like.

“New Jersey’s nuclear plants produce clean, reliable baseload energy that powers businesses and homes across our state. Preserving safe nuclear energy means cleaner air, lower electric bills and economic growth.”

- U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), speaking on the importance of nuclear energy in December 2016

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