Here is some content that will always be here, at the top of the page. All the modules are available. This page needs to be prettied up with eye-catching custom visuals. The look of the live blog can be enhanced.

Only bug left: The footer needs to be added manually.

This is a test of the video sliders

PSEG December 18, 20178:56 pm


PSEG December 18, 20178:55 pm

HELLO CAN YOU SEE THIS POST? IT’S AWESOME December 12, 20178:41 pm

Polls from twitter cannot be voted on on this page. Trying to vote opens up Twitter. December 12, 20178:41 pm

Please forgive me for including a post by Ben Shapiro… It was the only one Twitter would show for testing 🙁 December 12, 20178:40 pm
PSEG December 12, 20178:32 pm
PSEG Nuclear December 12, 20178:26 pm

Check out this very cool picture of our team

PSEG Nuclear December 12, 20178:24 pm

PSEG Nuclear December 12, 20178:24 pm

PSEG Nuclear December 12, 20178:24 pm December 12, 20178:23 pm December 12, 20178:22 pm December 12, 20178:20 pm

PSEG Nuclear December 12, 20178:13 pm

PSEG Nuclear December 12, 20178:04 pm

Can we remove the top block of content? (the piece with my face on it) December 12, 20177:49 pm

I have made modifications to the theme so that oembed understands that a link to a facebook post should be turned into an embedded post as seen below. All you need to do to include a facebook post is to paste the URL from facebook (remove any ?parameters at the end.) December 12, 20177:42 pm

Anonymous December 12, 20177:10 pm

Posts on this page are attributed to the user posting. Please provide correct title for the “display publicly as” in the user profile. The photo is governed by and associated with the e-mail December 12, 20177:05 pm

In order to embed a tweet, you must click on Edit HTML.

Copy and paste the embed this tweet WITHOUT the last line (the one that loads widgets.js). This is already loaded so the system protects itself.

As you can see below, a tweet can be posted and it already contains useful sharing tools. December 12, 20177:02 pm
Danilo Aguilar December 12, 20176:58 pm

Danilo Aguilar December 12, 20176:54 pm December 12, 20176:52 pm

Share on Facebook December 12, 20176:51 pm

Share this amazing statistic December 12, 20176:48 pm December 11, 201710:08 pm

Currently, the comments are not showing. Working on fixing this. December 11, 201710:04 pm

You can also add html code and edit the entries if there is a typo. December 11, 201710:04 pm

You can add links however, click the EDIT HTML to add target=_blank after href so the link opens a new tab. December 11, 201710:03 pm

These is some formatting available December 11, 201710:02 pm

In order to see the page as a visitor would see it, you must copy and paste this page URL in an incognito browser. Only the logged-in user can see the posting box and be able to post. December 11, 201710:01 pm

These updates are attributed to a user account (mine). I have sent an invitation to Danilo, and the account needs to have a gravatar added with photo of host or PSEG logo. December 11, 20179:58 pm December 11, 20179:58 pm

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