The cost of New Jersey losing nuclear would be 6 times the cost of preserving it.

Nuclear power helps ensure the reliability of the grid.

  • Nuclear power produces about 40 percent of New Jersey’s electricity.
  • If the plants close, New Jersey will become almost totally reliant on one fuel source – like putting all of our eggs in one basket.
  • If the plants close, New Jersey will be at great risk of power disruptions from low-probability, high-impact events.

Nuclear is the foundation of New Jersey’s clean energy future.

  • Nuclear currently provides more than 90 percent of New Jersey’s carbon-free electricity.
  • Closing of the nuclear plants will be a huge step backward – increasing greenhouse gas emissions by 14 million tons a year – equal to adding 3 million more cars to the road.
  • If NJ were to lose its nuclear plants, greenhouse gas emissions from the NJ electric generating sector would increase 75%.

Nuclear is vital to New Jersey’s economy.

  • More than 6,000 jobs depend on the two South Jersey nuclear plants.
  • Closing the plants would reduce New Jersey’s GDP by more than $800 million.

It is cheaper to preserve nuclear than to replace it.

  • Studies (Brattle report and IHS report) estimate the cost to consumers of closing the plants would be in excess of $400 million a year.
  • It will cost 40 percent more to replace the plants than to preserve them.
  • It will cost $530 million a year in public health and environmental cost from increased air and carbon pollution.

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