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“New Jersey’s nuclear plants produce clean, reliable baseload energy that powers businesses and homes across our state. Preserving safe nuclear energy means cleaner air, lower electric bills and economic growth.”

- U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.)

NJ Building and Construction Trades Council ELEC 825 IBEW LU 94 IBEW Electrical Workers Local 102 – NJ jurisdiction IBEW Electrical Workers Local 269 NJ jurisdiction
IBEW Electrical Workers Local 456 – NJ jurisdiction IBEW Electrical Workers Local 351 – NJ jurisdiction  NJ State Pipe Trades NJ Operating Engineers 825 Local 322 Plumbers and Pipefitters South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association Building-Construction Trades Department
Iron Workers Local 339 Camden NJ Plumbers and Pipe Fitters - Local 9 Nuclear Security Officers of America Local 855 Mechanical Contractors Association of NJ LiUNA Eastern Region