Retiring our nuclear plants would be a costly mistake, former federal energy official says

It would be a costly mistake -- in terms of impacts on electricity bills and on the state’s goals of reducing air pollution from producing electricity -- to allow safely operating nuclear plants in the state to retire in the near term.

Paying to preserve our nuclear plants is money well spent, legislator says

As nuclear plants close across the nation, New Jersey must take a closer look at just how important an economic engine and environmental asset these nuclear plants are for our region and understand the reasons these plants are worth preserving.

For New Jersey’s air, subtracting nuclear means more pollution

We’ve seen this movie before. Whether it was in California, Florida, Vermont, Wisconsin and now in New Jersey, wherever nuclear power plants have retired, carbon pollution has increased along with particulates and smog forming emissions.

The cost of New Jersey losing nuclear would be 6 times the cost of preserving it.